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Below is a selection of the ales we have brewed at Connoisseur Ales. We usually have a range of 5-7 of these available, get in touch for an up-to-date list.

The Usual pump clip/bottle label

The Usual – 3.8%
A traditional ale making use of all English ingredients, Maris Otter malt plus Northdown hops and East Kent Gouldings give this beer characteristic bitterness

Lucem pump clip/bottle label

Lucem – 4.3%
Light ale! Hoppy as an IPA, and only 4.3%, this pale ale packs a punch of hops using a large amount of Styrian Celeia late on in the brew to give distinctive nose and floral citrus taste.

Ex Terra Lupus pump clip/bottle label

Ex Terra Lupus IPA – 5.6%
"Out of the earth cometh hops..." and into our IPA they go. A strong and tasty beer with Junga and Palisade gently overlaying the triple-hopped Summit, providing a pronounced and well balanced hop profile atop a clean crisp pale ale.

Mr. Benn pump clip/bottle label

Mr. Benn – 4.4%
Best bitter, recommended in any costume. Deep, rich and malty: a chestnut bitter full of flavour from selected hops. As if by magic, the barkeeper appeared...

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby pump clip/bottle label

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby – 4.1%
A tasty balance of Maris Otter and dark crystal malts provide a rich ruby base over which Columbus and Junga hops have been delicately overlaid to preserve the ales’ malty character.

Raven pump clip/bottle label

Raven Street Porter – 4.9%
A black beer made using ten malts and seven hops, all carefully chosen to work well together in what was traditionally a blended ale. With a crisp yet full mouthfeel, Maris Otter provides the nutty background for a complex triple-hopped profile that should please bitter and stout drinkers alike.

B&eacirc;te Noire pump clip/bottle label

Bête Noire Dry Stout – 5%
Full-flavoured dry stout with coffee, chocolate and just a hint of smoke; the creamy oatmeal-like body, benefiting from the careful addition of Phoenix, late-hopped to compliment the complex multi-grain grist and providing the delicate molasses and spice nose.

Hempen pump clip/bottle label

Hempen - 4.6%
An experimental brew to look forward to - in crafting this ale we will use a tri-stage hempening process with aromatic Optic and Melanoidin malts and complimentary hops including Opal.

Providence pump clip/bottle label

Providence Pale – 3.6%
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Bloody Mild pump clip/bottle label

Bloody Mild 3.7%
Very popular at Liverpool Beer Festival in 2007, this is a mild which offers complex malt flavours and just a hint of chocolate combined with Sovereign and EKG hops added more for their aroma and flavour than for bitterness.

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