Best In Show & People's Choice 2018

We Want Your Photos

We want this year's Competition to be the biggest and best yet, with new exhibitors and new ideas. Each exhibit only costs 30p and with classes 130-133 at maximum size A4, you can print at home to save time and money.

Of course, we also love larger prints, so in classes 134-137  you can show your best photos to a maximum size A3  

If you are a member of a club, why not encourage your fellow club members to enter.

If you just like taking photos, why not enter your favourites, it's a great feeling seeing them on display and entering helps you become a better photographer

2019 Winning Photographs

Class 130- Open Subject

Class 131- Pets

Class 132- Song or Film Titles

Class 133-  Catch the decisive moment

Class 134- People

Class 135- Places visited

Class 136- Nature

Class 137- Transport

A winning photograph must stand out, tell a story, have great composition, evoke emotion or break all the rules and be completely different. 

To get this photograph, the photographer waded out in to the North Sea and crouched down to the subject's eye level blurring the foreground and background, making the subject "Pop" 


Best in Show Award


The Wilkinson Cameras shield is awarded by the Competition Judge to the photographer considered to have entered the best photograph in the show from across all classes. 


The winner for 2019 is Mike Owen with an excellent photograph ‘Beach Boy Ben’ .



Peoples Choice


The viewing public have the opportunity to choose their favourite photograph from across all the entries by completing a voting slip.


The winner for 2019 is Mike Owen with the excellent photograph of an Osprey titled ‘Come in No 28’ and Mike was presented with the ‘Bernard Bibby’ shield.







There was an excellent 238 entries to the Photography section of the Show this year of a very high standard. We are grateful to all those who entered and for all those who came to view the prints on display and for the compliments received.

We hope you enjoyed looking at the photographs on display and that it will encourage you to take part in what will be the 40th Rainford Show in 2020.

Photography Competition Classes

Classes 130 to 133 may be colour or black and white prints up to a maximum size of A4 and if mounted on card not to exceed A3 overall.

130 -‘Open Subject’  - As we are looking to attract as many new entrants to the photography competition as possible Class130  is only open to entrants who have never previously been awarded a first prize for photography at the Rainford Show.


1st     Ruffled Robin -  by John S Clarke (103)

2nd   Woody Reflection  - by David Lea (107)

3rd   Private Island - by Danny Jackson (120)

HC    Mirror Image (Flying Duck) - by Barry Palmer (104)

C       Welsh Waterfall -  by Emma Arnold (114)

C       Big Mouth - by Janet Harrison (117)

131 “Pets” -  A photograph that may be humorous or serious or cute of your own of someone else’s pets. It may be a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, budgie or the like. Not, however any photographs of animals in the wild that should be entered in the Nature class


1st    Beach Boy Ben – by Mike Owen (201)

2nd  Don’t be Nosey – by Samantha Ormrod (207)

3rd   Muddy Paws -  by Jean Ellis        (209)

HC    Bouncy Ben - by Mike Owen (203)

C       Professor Jacob – by Emma Arnold (205)

132 - “Song or Film Titles” – A photograph that you feel interprets the song or film of your choice as to its title or story line. The name of the song or film will be displayed with the photograph so be sure it is with your entry.


1st   The Mirror Cracked - by Dennis Mussell (302)

2nd For Whom the Bell Tolls - by Phil Hope (316)                

3rd  Long Live Rock and Roll -   by Vince Ellis (318)            

HC   The Barber of Seville – Rossini - by Alex Fairclough (322)

C      I Drove all Night – Eric Fairclough (326)

C      Message in a Bottle - by Mike Owen  (304)

133 “Catch the Decisive Moment” – A chance to be a photo journalist with a photograph that tells a story, records an event or perhaps makes a statement. It may be sport, local community events, entertainment, local or national news and issues - or the like. The photograph can be supported by a headline caption of not more than ten words that will be displayed with the photograph

1st    Clipped Down the Leg Side - by Steve Walker (411)

2nd  The Decisive Moment -  by Vince Ellis (425)

3rd   Will I / Won’t I - by Barry Palmer (407)

HC    Party Hard - by Rhys Moore (413)

C       Orlaith and the Beer – by Jean Ellis (422)

Classes 134 to 135 may be colour or black and white prints up to a maximum size of A3 and if mounted on card not to exceed 50 x 40 cm overall.

134 “ People” – A photograph of a person that may be a portrait, or it may say something about  a person or what they are doing at the time.

1st    The Eyes Have It -  by Dennis Mussell (512)

2nd  Big Bambora Bass - by Jean Ellis (531)

3rd   Sharps - by Steve Walker (518)

HC    The Final Touches - by Dennis Mussell (513)

C       In Wild Water - by Chris Mowatt (508)

C       Asa Murphy - by Peter Lewis (501)

135 “Places Visited”  - Where have I been and what  was it like? Show that lasting image in a photograph. It may be local to the village and surrounding districts or a holiday to somewhere further afield. A memorable photo that captures perhaps the people, places, architecture, culture etc

1st    Raby Castle - by Jean Ellis (636)

2nd  Melting Snow - Norway - by Peter Lewis (603)

3rd   Mary's Shell – Cleveleys - by Steve Walker (617)

HC    Lady Chapel – Liverpool Cathedral - by Vince Ellis (634)

C       The Glow of Setting Sun Seville– by Eric Fairclough (639)

C       Liverpool Cathedral -  by Sue  Johnson (611)

136 “Nature” – Photographs of animals, birds, plants, insects  and the like in the wild or a visit to a Zoo or Safari Park but not domestic pets.

1st    Spot the Fish - by Mike Owen (717)

2nd  Common Blue  – by Steve Walker (721)

3rd   Portrait of a Predator – by Jennifer Hoggarth (729)

HC    Glengarry Stag -  by Emma Arnold (728)

C       Rough Frilled Tree Frog - by Steve Walker (722)

C       Red Kite – by Tony Johnson (713)

C       Elephants – by Janet Harrison (736)

137 “Transport” – All forms and ages of transport – cars, trains, boats, and planes as well as motorcycles, push bikes and the like. Look also for those more quirky contraptions that get people around in their work or leisure.

1st    Late Night Trolley - by Steve Walker (814)

2nd  Echos in the Pennines – by James Winstanley (809)

3rd   Early Morning Seacombe Ferry – by Robert Hodgson (812)

HC    Service Bus in Mersey Tunnel - by Robert Hodgson (813)

C       More Power  - by Barry Graham (818)

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